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Hi, My name is Hani (a software developer), and when the pandemic started, I started to learn and make handmade scented candles, wax melts and bust candles from all natural ingredients, e.g. soy and coconut wax is used in my candle line, and vegan fragrance oil that is suitable for candle making. And double crackling wooden wicks for ambience experience too. All my candles are hand poured in small batches in Brighton. The feedback I have received, that my candles are highly scented, and last longer than paraffin wax, also they are unique as my labelling contains hand drawing of some ancient Egyptian snippets. My wax melts contains vegan glitter and mica powder that are using in cosmetic products, which means they are safe to use. Kind regards, Hani Sefein

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Avocado and Mint, my new favorite. Fantastic communication with seller which gives a real personal touch. Will definitely be buying again! Thanks Hani




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