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I create landscapes and moments from walks and dreams in a variety of mediums eg oils, pastels, Wood reliefs, cyanotypes, monoprints and lithographs. I work in my garden studio throughout the year and I’m lucky to be able to use bip art studios for larger work. I believe each medium informs another form. Thus, I work in themes, both large and small to create work that everyone can afford. I want to bring you happiness in your home through my art. Each stroke or mark has purpose and made with love. I create many works for people who contact me and want their favourite place captured in a medium of their choice. If you are interested in this contact by email. Recently, created wall murals, bespoke wood reliefs and oil paintings for clients.

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“You capture the mood and movement and great original designs. So happy to have one of your wood reliefs in my home.” “Cards of high quality, and framed mine...that good.”


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