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Working in papier mache, Ann makes eco-friendly, quirky, irreverent figures from her home in Brighton. All are created with a wry sense of humour and a blind determination to work in a medium that doesn’t lend itself to small pieces. That’s what comes of being a stubborn northern bugger and a Virgo to boot. Plinths often have captions and double as boxes for odds and sods, thus combining ridiculousness with downright practicality. Images below are: Group shot Rogue Buddha Maverick trio 'Bugger work, let's dance' 'Linda's dance practice was fuelled by low-level fury' Stray dog, Keith 'The Zoom meeting was going fine until she went for a cuppa'

What you say...

"Maverick figurines are stylish and joyful. 'Janis' occupies pride of place in my living room." "My partner loved the marvellous one-of-kind Maverick figure I gave her for Christmas. She was particularly tickled by the quirky words-to-live-by painted on the plinth base." "I love Ann's work. Delores' lusciousness and caption make me smile every day in these grim times."


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